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Please enter the available information for each of the numbered factors as shown on the form. The calculator will only determine a risk if at least five factors are known (the date is only considered unknown if the year is unknown).

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Notes on this calculator:

The calculator uses nine factors in computing a risk score:

days since diagnosis
ECOG performance status
number of metastatic sites
prior immunotherapy
white blood count
alkaline phosphatase
serum calcium

The calculator asks for the date of diagnosis, and uses it to compute the number of days from diagnosis to start of treatment by assuming the start of treatment is "today", rather than asking for the days from diagnosis to start of treatment directly.

For date of diagnosis, the month, day, and year may be unknown.
If the day is present, the month must also be present; if the month is present, year must also be present. if the year is not present, the date is considered to be unknown
if only the year is present, June 30 of that year is assumed.
if only the year and month are present, the 15th of that month is assumed.

The calculator uses built-in minimum and maximum values for various factors as follows:

days since diagnosis:  min: 1  max: 9167
metastatic sites:  min: 1  max: 8
hemoglobin:  min: 4.29  max: 20.40
LDH:  min: 2.0  max: 11613.0
white blood count:  min: 2.4  max: 55.2
alkaline phosphatase min: 6.3  max: 1549.0
serum calcium:  min: 1.6  max: 23.2

If a value is entered that is below the minimum for a factor it is raised to the minimum for use in the calculation. If a value is entered that is greater than the maximum for a factor it is lowered to the maximum. Warnings are generated if these adjustments occur.

if Score ≤ -2.70, risk = Good
if Score > -2.70 and ≤ -0.98, risk = Intermediate
if Score > -0.98, risk = Poor

These ranges are suitable for patients treated in the TKI era. They were derived using the populations and methods described in [***ref***]. Uses of the calculator for patients who differ substantially from these populations may generate inappropriate results.

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