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Ethan Cerami

Ethan Cerami, Ph.D. is the Director of the Knowledge Systems Group and Principal Scientist in the Department of Data Sciences at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Prior to joining Dana-Farber, Ethan was the Director of Computational Biology at Blueprint Medicines, and Director of Cancer Informatics Development at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC). While at MSKCC, Ethan co-founded the cBioPortal for Cancer Genomics, and the group remains active in its continued development.

James Lindsay

James Lindsay, Ph.D. is Associate Director and Chief Software Architect within the Knowledge Systems Group. Prior to joining Dana-Farber, James was a Co-founder of Smpl Bio, a bioinformatics company which builds web based tools that simplify complex statistical and analytical tasks for bench biologists. He brings expertise in software architecture, bioinformatics, genomics and machine learning. Within the Knowledge Systems Group, James leads several new initiatives, including the MatchMiner platform for algorithmically matching genomic profiles to clinical trials.

Elizabeth Williams

Liz Williams, Ph.D., is Associate Director of Data Systems within the Knowledge Systems Group. Prior to joining Dana-Farber, Liz contributed to multiple projects at The Journal of Cell Biology, Harvard Medical School, and Seven Bridges Genomics that aimed to increase access to biomedical data and reproducible analytical resources, including most recently leading feature development and community engagement for the Seven Bridges Cancer Genomics Cloud platform, a central component of the NCI Cancer Research Data Commons. She brings to the team expertise in software product development, data and program management, and multi-institutional consortium leadership. Within the Knowledge Systems Group, Liz is Scientific Project Manager for the Human Tumor Atlas Network Data Coordinating Center (HTAN DCC) and leads product development and community outreach for our MatchMiner platform, which matches patients to clinical trials based on genomic criteria.

Matthew Ducar

Matthew Ducar, M.S. is Associate Director, NGS Bioinformatics within the Knowledge Systems Group. He received his undergraduate degree in Biology from Case Western Reserve University in 1998 and received his M.Sc. in Computer Science from Boston University in 2008. With over two decades of experience as both a bench scientist and bioinformatician, Matthew brings a broad range of experience that includes molecular biology, genomic analysis, and computational biology to the team.  Prior to joining Dana-Farber in 2010, he worked at a number of small to medium sized companies in the Boston area. His work has focused on building high throughput computational pipelines on high performance computational clusters. At Dana-Farber, Matthew was instrumental in launching the PROFILE project for analyzing the tumor genomes of our patients.

Ersin Ciftci

Ersin Ciftci is a Principal Software Engineer within the group. After graduating with a BS in Computer Science from Hacettepe University (2010), he has worked in several companies as a software engineer. He is a cloud computing enthusiast interested in web development, open source technologies and agile software development. In the Knowledge Systems group, Ersin is our lead software engineer for the cBioPortal for Cancer Genomics.

Joyce Hong

Joyce Hong, M.B.A. is a Clinical Project Manager within the Knowledge Systems Group. Prior to joining KSG, Joyce was a Project Analyst for Research Administration in the Department of Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. She brings clinical research project expertise, from patient recruitment and data collection, all the way to grants management and leading large research projects. Currently within KSG, Joyce is working on the Cancer Immunological Data Commons (CIDC).

Rachel Keller

Rachel Beth Keller, Ph.D. is a Scientist in Clinical Genomics within the group. Prior to joining Dana-Farber, Rachel received her Ph.D. in Pathology from the University of Washington where her research was focused on gene discovery and molecular mechanisms of rare connective tissue disorders (e.g., osteogenesis imperfecta). She brings expertise in molecular and cellular biology and genetics. Within the Knowledge Systems Group, Rachel will focus on the TARGET (Treatment Assistance Regarding Genomic Evaluation Of Tumors) Project, an offshoot of the MatchMiner Project in collaboration with the Gastrointestinal Cancer Center (GCC), which aims to encourage and facilitate the use of patient genomic data in the course of clinical care.

Priti Kumari

Priti Kumari, M.S. is Senior Bioinformatics Team Lead within the group. Prior to joining Dana-Farber, Priti worked as a Bioinformatics Software Engineer at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Institute For Genome Sciences. She brings expertise in bioinformatics, genomics, and next-generation sequence analysis. Within the Knowledge Systems Group, Priti leads development of the cBioPortal @ DFCI, an online portal for mining all sequencing data at Dana-Farber.

Eric Marriott

Eric Marriott is a Bioinformatics Engineer within the group. Prior to joining Dana Farber, Eric lead the data team at iSpecimen, a human biospecimen marketplace in the Boston area. He is a Linux and Open Source Software enthusiast who is always passionate about learning new technologies. Within the Knowledge Systems Group, Eric is currently focused on the cBioPortal @ Cloud and MatchMiner projects.

Tali Mazor

Tali Mazor, Ph.D., is a Computational Biology Scientist within the group. Prior to joining Dana-Farber, Tali received her Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences from the University of California San Francisco where she studied the heterogeneity and evolution of brain tumor genomics and epigenomics. She brings expertise in genomics, translational cancer research and computational biology. Within the Knowledge Systems Group, Tali will focus on several initiatives, including outreach and training for cBioPortal and genomic analysis of data from the Profile and GENIE projects.

Lloyd McCarthy

Lloyd McCarthy, M.S. is a Bioinformatics Engineer within the group. Prior to joining Dana Farber, Lloyd worked at Lattice Automation, a synthetic biology startup that developed tools for systems biology. Lloyd brings a mix of molecular biology and software development expertise to the team. Within the Knowledge Systems Group, Lloyd is developing software for the Cancer Immunological Data Commons (CIDC), a centralized platform for data and analysis for immunotherapy research.

Andrea Ovalle

Andrea Ovalle is a research assistant within the group. She holds a Neuroscience degree from Smith College, and is currently pursuing a M.S. in Computer Science. Andrea has a research background in psychiatry, genomics and public health. Some of her responsibilities within the group include clinical trial curation and reviewing/editing clinical trials currently housed in the MatchMiner platform. Andrea is one of the newest additions to the team, and is excited to potentially contribute on the search of computational methods to simplify and speed the process of clinical trial curation.

Ethan Siegel

Ethan Siegel is a software developer within the knowledge systems group. Prior to working at Dana Farber, Ethan worked at various startups and companies around the Boston area. He is passionate about web development technologies. Within the Knowledge Systems Group, Ethan works on the MatchMiner and cBioPortal projects.

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