Ethan Cerami

Ethan Cerami, Ph.D. is the Director of the Knowledge Systems Group and Lead Scientist in the Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Prior to joining Dana-Farber, Ethan was the Director of Computational Biology at Blueprint Medicines, and Director of Cancer Informatics Development at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC). While at MSKCC, Ethan co-founded the cBioPortal for Cancer Genomics, and the group remains active in its continued development.

James Lindsay

James Lindsay, Ph.D. is Associate Director and Chief Software Architect within the Knowledge Systems Group. Prior to joining Dana-Farber, James was a Co-founder of Smpl Bio, a bioinformatics company which builds web based tools that simplify complex statistical and analytical tasks for bench biologists. He brings expertise in software architecture, bioinformatics, genomics and machine learning. Within the Knowledge Systems Group, James leads several new initiatives, including the MatchMiner platform for algorithmically matching genomic profiles to clinical trials.

Ersin Ciftci

Ersin Ciftci is a Senior Software Engineer within the group. After graduating with a BS in Computer Science from Hacettepe University (2010), he has worked in several companies as a software engineer. He is a cloud computing enthusiast interested in web development, open source technologies and agile software development. In the Knowledge Systems group, Ersin is our lead software engineer for the cBioPortal for Cancer Genomics.

Catherine Del Vecchio Fitz

Catherine Del Vecchio Fitz, Ph.D., is a Research Scientist in Clinical Genomics within the group. Prior to joining Dana-Farber, Catherine was a principal scientist at N-of-One, Inc., working to provide clinical interpretation of molecular tests in order to improve treatment options and outcomes for cancer patients. Catherine has specific expertise in molecular and cellular biology, translational cancer research, and genomics. Within the Knowledge Systems Group, Catherine is leading efforts to create an open-access precision medicine cancer knowledge base and to enable genomically-driven clinical trial matching within the MatchMiner platform.

Priti Kumari

Priti Kumari, M.S. is a Bioinformatics Engineer within the group. Prior to joining Dana-Farber, Priti worked as a Bioinformatics Software Engineer at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Institute For Genome Sciences. She brings expertise in bioinformatics, genomics, and next-generation sequence analysis. Within the Knowledge Systems Group, Priti leads development of the cBioPortal @ DFCI, an online portal for mining all sequencing data at Dana-Farber.

Tali Mazor

Tali Mazor, Ph.D., is a Computational Biology Scientist within the group. Prior to joining Dana-Farber, Tali received her Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences from the University of California San Francisco where she studied the heterogeneity and evolution of brain tumor genomics and epigenomics. She brings expertise in genomics, translational cancer research and computational biology. Within the Knowledge Systems Group, Tali will focus on several initiatives, including outreach and training for cBioPortal and genomic analysis of data from the Profile and GENIE projects.

Tamba Monrose

Tamba Monrose is a Front-End Software Engineer within the group. Although Tamba’s undergraduate education and degree are in Chemical Engineering, he became interested in web development upon graduating in 2016 and has been coding since then. Within the Knowledge System Group, Tamba focuses on front-end development for cBioPortal.

Zachary Zwiesler

Zachary Zwiesler, M.S. is a Bioinformatics Engineer within the group. After receiving a Master's in Applied Genomics, Zach worked as a Bioinformatics Software Engineer at Smpl Bio, developing web based software for genomic analysis. He brings expertise in bioinformatics, genomics and software development. Zach is particularly excited to explore the potential of bioinformatics and cloud computing to facilitate personalized medical solutions. Within the Knowledge Systems Group, Zach will focus on several bioinformatics initiatives, including the MatchMiner platform for algorithmically matching genomic profiles to clinical trials.

Latest News

  • cBioPortal awarded NCI Grant

    Sep 11, 2017

    We are happy to report that the cBioPortal for Cancer Genomics was recently awarded a multi-institutional NCI award!!

    Description: The cBioPortal has become the most widely used tool within the cancer genomics community and is the most highly cited. The public site ( contains data from more than 20,000 tumor samples, including all data from The Cancer Genome Atlas, and is accessed by more than 25,000 unique users each month. To ensure that this vital resource continues to aid the cancer research community and to keep pace with the rapidly advancing fields of cancer genomics and precision cancer medicine, and the imminent steep increase in the number of profiled tumor samples, we propose to actively sustain and evolve the cBioPortal platform.

    Specifically, we will implement major architectural changes to the cBioPortal software to ensure future scalability and performance, and accelerate new feature development (Aim 1). We will also develop novel analysis tools for drug target discovery in large cancer genomics cohorts, as well as new features for precision cancer medicine, including for clinical trial design and the budding field of immunogenomics (Aim 2). We also plan to build and leverage a vibrant open source software development community to maintain and adapt the software and develop essential new features (Aim 3). Finally, to maximize use in the scientific community, we plan to expand community outreach and education, and create mechanisms for community engagement and feedback (Aim 4).