How It's Done: BCB Monthly Seminar

The How It's Done Seminar Series began in January 2014 and are held once a month. Topics range from next generation sequencing pipelines to metabolomics and include both statistical and computational biology methodologies. These sessions provide a background for each topic as well as real world application of analysis techniques by members of our department and the Harvard School of Public Health. The aim of this seminar series is to provide participants with useful examples and a framework on which to build their own projects.

Presentation slides and materials for the talks will be posted on the BCB website after each session. A survey will also be administered for participants to recommend future topics for next year.


Location: CLSB Building, 11th Floor, room 11081.

Time: 12:00-2:30pm

2016-2017 Schedule

March 10 SEER-Medicare Linked Database: overview plus examples of research conducted within the Division of Population Sciences Angel Cronin
September 28 Validation of Surrogate endpoints using meta-analytic approach Wanling Xie
October 19 Basics of Cancer Immunology Donna Neuberg
January 25
Implications of mobile-platform respondents for design and development of web-surveys Daniel Gundersen
February 28 Statistical Designs for Platform Trials Steffen Ventz
March 28 Grant Management within BCB Natalie Venskus 
June 7 Methods and Tools for Adaptive Trials Cyrus Mehta
June 20 Techniques for Matched Randomization in Sequential Enrollment Trials Jonathan Chipman

For schedules from previous years, click here.