Lorenzo Trippa

Assistant Professor
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Ph.D. in Statistics, Bocconi University, Milano, Italy, April 2009

M.S. in Statistics (cum laude ), Bicocca University, Milano, Italy, July 2005


Recent Publications

S. Bacallado, S. Favaro, B. Pande, and L. Trippa. Bayesian regularization of
the length of memory in reversible sequences. Journal of the Royal Statistical
Society: Series B (Accepted), 2015a


L. Zhao, B. Claggett, L. Tian, H. Uno, M. Pfeer, S. Solomon, L. Trippa, and
L. Wei. On the restricted mean survival time curve in survival analysis. Bio-
metrics, 2015


J. Bowden and L. Trippa. Bias adjusted estimation for binary outcomes in
clinical trials using adaptive randomization. Statistical Methods in Medical
Research, 2015


S. Bacallado, S. Favaro, L. Trippa, et al. Looking-backward probabilities for
gibbs-type exchangeable random partitions. Bernoulli, 21(1):1{37, 2015b


L. Trippa, L. Waldron, C. Huttenhower, G. Parmigiani, et al. Bayesian nonparametric
cross-study validation of prediction methods. The Annals of Ap-
plied Statistics, 9(1):402{428, 2015a


B. M. Alexander and L. Trippa. Getting it rst versus getting it right: weighing
the value of and evidence for progression-free survival as a surrogate endpoint
for overall survival in glioblastoma. Neuro-oncology, 17(5):765{766, 2015


L. Trippa, P. Y. Wen, G. Parmigiani, D. A. Berry, and B. M. Alexander.
Combining progression-free survival and overall survival as a novel composite
endpoint for glioblastoma trials. Neuro-oncology, pages 345{351, 2015b


S. H. Ramkissoon, W. L. Bi, S. E. Schumacher, L. A. Ramkissoon, S. Haidar,
D. Kno , A. Dubuc, L. Brown, M. Burns, J. B. Cryan, et al. Clinical implementation
of integrated whole-genome copy number and mutation pro ling for
glioblastoma. Neuro-oncology, pages 195{200, 2015


M. Riester, W. Wei, L. Waldron, A. C. Culhane, L. Trippa, E. Oliva, S.-h.
Kim, F. Michor, C. Huttenhower, G. Parmigiani, et al. Risk prediction for
late-stage ovarian cancer by meta-analysis of 1525 patient samples. Journal of
the National Cancer Institute, page dju048, 2014


S. Wade, D. B. Dunson, S. Petrone, and L. Trippa. Improving prediction from
dirichlet process mixtures via enrichment. The Journal of Machine Learning
Research, 15(1):1041{1071, 2014


E. Marco, R. L. Karp, G. Guo, P. Robson, A. H. Hart, L. Trippa, and G.-C.
Yuan. Bifurcation analysis of single-cell gene expression data reveals epigenetic
landscape. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 111(52):
E5643{E5650, 2014


B. M. Alexander, E. Galanis, W. A. Yung, K. V. Ballman, J. M. Boyett, T. F.
Cloughesy, J. F. Degroot, J. T. Huse, B. Mann, W. Mason, et al. Brain malignancy
steering committee clinical trials planning workshop: report from the
targeted therapies working group. Neuro-oncology, pages 154{160, 2014


E. B. Bourgeois, B. N. Johnson, A. J. McCoy, L. Trippa, A. S. Cohen, and
E. D. Marsh. A toolbox for spatiotemporal analysis of voltage-sensitive dye
imaging data in brain slices. PloS one, 9(9):e108686, 2014


B. M. Alexander and L. Trippa. Progression-free survival: too much risk, not
enough reward? Neuro-oncology, 16(5):615{616, 2014


G. Parmigiani, S. Boca, J. Ding, and L. Trippa. Statistical tools and r software
for cancer driver probabilities. In Gene Function Analysis, pages 113{134.

C. Bernau, M. Riester, A.-L. Boulesteix, G. Parmigiani, C. Huttenhower,
L. Waldron, and L. Trippa. Cross-study validation for the assessment of prediction
algorithms. Bioinformatics, 30(12):i105{i112, 2014


Y. Xu, L. Trippa, P. Muller, and Y. Ji. Subgroup-based adaptive (suba) designs
for multi-arm biomarker trials. Statistics in Biosciences, pages 1{22, 2014


J. Wason and L. Trippa. A comparison of bayesian adaptive randomization
and multi-stage designs for multi-arm clinical trials. Statistics in medicine, 33
(13):2206{2221, 2014


S. Bacallado, S. Favaro, and L. Trippa. Bayesian nonparametric inference for
shared species richness in multiple populations. Journal of Statistical Planning
and Inference, 2014


S. Ventz and L. Trippa. Bayesian designs and the control of frequentist characteristics: A practical solution. Biometrics, 2014


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