The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute has been the home of the International Breast Cancer Study Group Statistical Center for since 1977.

The International Breast Cancer Study Group (http://www.ibcsg.org) is a non-profit research organization dedicated to innovative clinical research to improve the prognosis of women with breast cancer. Patients and investigators from over 500 sites on 6 continents (Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Africa, Asia, North and South America) cooperate by participating in extensive clinical trials in breast cancer populations, guided by the highest scientific and ethical standards.

As one of the world’s leading breast cancer research groups, IBCSG pioneers research in combined hormonal therapy and chemotherapy, timing and duration of adjuvant therapies and quality of life of breast cancer patients. The latest generation of clinical trials in the adjuvant setting addresses tailored treatment for subgroups of patients, as IBCSG’s research expands into neoadjuvant treatment and chemotherapy for advanced disease. In addition to clinical trials, IBCSG conducts extensive programs in translational research, database studies, quality of life and statistical methodology.

The Statistical Center is responsible for study design, forms and protocol development, collection of data for both newly enrolled patients and those being followed long term, data processing, statistical analysis, reporting of results, and manuscript preparation. The Statistical Center staff has also developed methodologies for interpreting subpopulations (Subpopulation Treatment Effect Pattern Plots—STEPP), and incorporating quality of life into treatment comparisons (Quality-adjusted Time Without Symptoms or Toxicity—Q-TWiST).

Under the leadership of Dr. Richard Gelber and Dr. Meredith Regan, the IBCSG Statistical Center continues to innovate and guide critically important clinical trials to improve outcomes for women with early breast cancer.