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For Prospective Postdocs

Definition of a Postdoc

The DFCI definition of a research fellow (or postdoc) is based upon the common elements of the definitions of FASEB, AAU and Sigma Xi. A DFCI postdoctoral fellow or research fellow:

1. Has been awarded a PhD or equivalent terminal postgraduate degree* in an appropriate field 

2. Has a Harvard University academic appointment that is
    ◦    temporary (not intended to exceed five years)
    ◦    substantially full-time research** or scholarship
    ◦    viewed as preparatory to a full-time research or academic career

3. Works under the supervision of a faculty member at DFCI
4. Is expected to publish the results of his/her work performed during the period of the appointment.

This definition applies to individuals whose primary appointment is at DFCI, including individuals with the current DFCI titles of research fellow,research associate, stipend research fellow or sponsored research fellow, irrespective of funding source. It does not apply to individuals who have DFCI campus privileges but have their primary appointment at Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Public Health or a Harvard-affiliated institution that is not DFCI.

*A postgraduate degree is defined as someone whose most advanced degree is either a:

  • PhD from any country
  • MD from the U.S,
  • Postgraduate MD from any country
  • An undergraduate MD degree with subsequent postgraduate training, such as a completed residency or a postdoctoral fellowship. In this case, the date of the degree is considered to be awarded the date when the subsequent training was completed.
**Full time research may include research in a clinical field but not a "Clinical Fellowship" that is part of a clinical accreditation program.

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