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Data Science/Genomics Weekly Meeting

This weekly meeting features a new lab each week, giving a 25 minute talk followed by a discussion. This is a great opportunity to meet new people and start new collobrations with other DFCI labs. 

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Coming Up

October 12th
Matthew Meyerson Lab
Speaker: Jian Carrot-Zhang

October 19th
Rameen Beroukhim Lab
Zachary J. Reitman, M.D., Ph.D.
"Mitogenic and progenitor programs in single pilocytic astrocytoma cells"

October 26th
David Pellman Lab

November 2nd
Curtis Huttenhower Lab
Speaker: Yancong Zhang

November 9th
Meromit Singer Lab

November 16th
Coleman Lindsley Lab

November 30th
Cheng-Zhong Zhang Lab

December 7th
Franziska Michor Lab

December 14th
Shirley Liu Lab

January 4th
Heng Li Lab

January 11th
Sahand Hormoz Lab

January 18th
Giovanni Parmigiani Lab

January 25th
Chris Sander Lab

February 1st
Adam Bass Lab

February 8th
Myles Brown Lab

February 15th
Scott Carter Lab

February 22nd
Katherine Janeway Lab

March 1st
Cerami Lab

March 8th
Eliezer Van Allen Lab

March 15th
Nikhil Wagle Lab

March 22nd
Guo-Cheng Yuan Lab

April 12th
Margaret Shipp Lab

Past Meetings

October 5th
Rafael Irizarry Lab
Speaker: Rafael Irizarry
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