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Researchers and Postdoctoral Fellows

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Braun, DanielleResearch Associate
Chakrabarti, ShaonResearch Fellow
Cole, Bernard (Chip)Research Associate
Cristea, SimonaResearch Fellow
Dean, JamieResearch Fellow
DelVecchioFitz, CatherineSenior Scientist
Dries, RubenResearch Fellow
Fagny, MaudResearch Fellow
Fillmore, NathanaelResearch Fellow
Gauthier, NicholasSenior Scientist
Gu, ShengqingResearch Fellow
Herren, CristinaResearch Fellow
Hicks, StephanieResearch Fellow
Hu, XihaoResearch Fellow
Huang, JialiangResearch Fellow
Jacob, EtaiResearch Fellow
Jiang, PengResearch Fellow
Kimes, PatrickResearch Fellow
Kocak, EceResearch Technician
Korthauer, KeeganResearch Fellow
Kuijjer, MariekeResearch Fellow
Li, BoResearch Fellow
Li, WeiResearch Fellow
Li, XiaoxueResearch Fellow
Lopes-Ramos, CamilaResearch Fellow
Mazor, TaliScientist
McDonald, Thomas (Ollie)Research Associate
Nakamura, KimiyoResearch Fellow
Nguyen, MaximilianResearch Technician
Ochoa, AngelicaResearch Assistant
Patil, PrasadResearch Fellow
Paulson, JosephResearch Fellow
Peng, JingyuResearch Fellow
PintoRengifo, RicardoResearch Fellow
Pita-Juarez, YeredResearch Fellow
Platig, JohnResearch Fellow
Poelwijk, FrankResearch Scientist
Rabi, Seyed Alireza (Ali)Research Fellow
Ren, BoyuResearch Fellow
Reyes, AlejandroResearch Fellow
SaadatpourMoghaddam, AssiehResearch Fellow
Samur, AnilResearch Fellow
Samur, MehmetInstructor
Schubert, BenjaminResearch Fellow
Sethi, IshaResearch Fellow
Shi, JiantaoResearch Associate
Shih, DavidResearch Fellow
Stein, RichardResearch Associate
Stiffler, MichaelScientist
Suo, ShengbaoResearch Fellow
Teng, MingxiangResearch Fellow
Tourdot, RichardResearch Fellow
Wang, JinyuResearch Fellow
Wu, Hua-JunResearch Associate
Zhu, QianResearch Fellow

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